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BSQP High Pressure Bubble Washing Machine

Features Of BS Cleaning Machine:

This machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel chain plate mesh belt transmission, mesh belt high strength, small retractability, not easy to deformation, easy to maintain and other characteristics, the whole machine running balance, low noise, greatly improve the work efficiency. When discharging, the material is transported out of the equipment directly with the lifting of the net belt. The conveying reducer is controlled by frequency conversion. The speed of the net belt can be freely adjusted and the operation is stable.

Working Principle:
The principle of air bubble cleaning machine is mainly used in the case before the equipment enclosure note right amount water, high-pressure air bubbles in housing opportunities to produce a large number of dense bubbles, make the product with roll as it passed the box body scrub, a combination of items in a bubble machine and water under the action of tumbling state, and with the net belt to constantly move forward, when out of the water, high-end with the spray head, high pressure washing. Then enter the second half to distinguish the water area, the packaging for secondary cleaning cooling, with the net belt forward to advance in the surface, the high-end with a spray head for high pressure rinse.

Models BS-3500 BS-4000 BS-5000
Size(mm) 3500*1400*1350 4000*1600*1350 5000*1600*1350
Power(kw) 4.07 4.87 5.25
Mesh Belt's Width(mm) 600 800 800
Weight(kg) 360 500 700
Capacity(kg/h) 750 1250 1750
Speed Frequency Control
1. Mufti-function, wide application, will not hurt products. 
2. Mesh belt conveying , speed adjustable. 
3. With secondary spray system and water recycling system, saving water. 
4. Can add ozone and ultrasonic generator. 
5. The bearings are imported stainless steel bearings to make energy saving .

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