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Client from Bengal come to test our machine

Client from Bengal came to our company to test the BSDF grinder machine last week.They use our BSDF Advanced hammer mill for grinding seeds powder.They were very satisfied with the results....


Client from Haitian come to test our machine

Our client from Haitian came to our factory to test our BSP ultra-fine pulverizer set last week.He plans to use this kind of machine to make sugar powder,and it can grind sugar powder into 60-1000 mesh.He was satisfied with the test results....


Selection knowledge and operation principle of airflow crusher

Airflow crusher such as Cocoa Powder Grinder,selection small knowledge, if you have the airflow crusher selection needs, that how to carry on the related choice, look at it together. First you need to consider the choice is a clear advantage, energy saving, and in the current is more advanced equipm...