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BSQC Vegetable Cutter

Product Introduction:

The vegetable dicing machine is also called three-dimensional dicing machine. It is suitable for processing a variety of roots, stems and vegetables into cubes and cuboid shapes in a variety of fruits, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants and food pickles. The machine adopts compound cutter, which is formed in one time, with regular shape, smooth cut surface and high forming rate.

Working principle:
The dial of the machine drives the object to be cut to rotate at a high speed. Using the centrifugal force of the object, the object to be cut is cut into pieces by means of a vertical knife, and then cut into strips by a disc cutter, and the material to be cut is sent into the horizontal direction. The cutting edge is cut, and the cube or rectangular parallelepiped is cut by a cross cutting knife, and the cutting specifications can be customized.


External dimension (mm)
Cutting size (mm)
Slice 2-10, shred 2-8, and dice 8-20
Capacity (kg/h)
Power source
220V single-phase / 380V, three-phase
Power (KW)
About 1.5 kw
Machine weight (kg)
1.The whole machine includes the rack conveyer, belt of the vegetable press, slice device, speed-adjusting box, and motor.
2.Carrot Cube And Julienne Cutting Machine simulates the principle of manual cutting and adopt centrifugal slicing structure. So the cut material is of smooth surface and without breakage.
3.By changing various blades of the machine, it can cut the root and stem vegetables into many shapes, such as slices, cubes, diamond, strips, crinkle slices and crinkle sticks.
4.Carrot Cube And Julienne Cutting Machine could also cut leaf vegetables(Cabbage spinach. Lettuce etc) into slivers and cut stem vegetables(beanstalk, celery, lemon grass etc.) into sections.
5.The width and thickness of vegetable can be adjusted freely.

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