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BSL Agravic mixer double paddle blender

                                                         double paddle blender (double paddle mixer)


Working principle:

   BSL double paddle mixer is driven by the directly-connected decelerator, the chains drive the dual-axis rotor to move reversely at a certain speed and, during the movement, the paddle on the axis makes the material go ahead on the one hand and,on the other hand, throws it along with the radial direction to the oblique-front space. 

The materials on the two sides move in the reversed areas of their own to go to and fro to get direction and are mutually dissolved into the penetrated and mixed so that a fluidized weightless area and rotating vortex is formed in the central part and continually moves along with the axial and radial directions so as to form a full-respect combined cycle to quickly get the uniform mixing effect.

If you are looking for fertilizer mixer,fertilizer blender,feed mixer or you just want to mix fastly and mix powder very evenly.

This mixer is very suitable.

Optional Features:

   1) Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L
   2) Sanitary type construction Flap valve, bomb-bay door
   3) Horsepower to suit higher density materials
   4) Can use explosion-proof motors
   5) Controls such as variable frequency drives, motor starters and operator stations are available
   6) Can add spray nozzles for liquid introduction
   7) Can add high Speed chopper 

   8) Mix feed,ingredients,fertilizer and other powder fastly and evenly.


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