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Factory Price Pulverizer New Stainless Steel Pin Mill

Source: Jiangyin Brightsail machinery Date: 2018.10.09 Clicks:

Factory Price Pulverizer New Stainless Steel Pin Mill is specialized in milling for various fruitspiceswalnutscoffee beanscocoa beanspeanutsrice and other food and chemical raw material.This machine does not have mesh screen in the chamber of grinding wheeland it adjusts the fitness of crocus through the wire-speed of mill wheelit can also classify materials through external grading method. Bidirectional pair wheels adopt the way of reverse rotation of front and back grinding wheelsthus this way improves the crushing effect. Double discs install the needle cylinders whose diameters are differentevery part arrays needles and bars through the technology of three dimensional simulationdesigning the layout rationally and thus it can control the materials to achieve the effective split effect in the gap of needle bar efficaciously.