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BS Series Screw Feeder

Main Usage:

    Compatibie with many packing equipments for powder or granule products.

    Application with food pharmaceutical and chemical industry,etc powder, granules etc.

Optional Component:

     1.Standard control box

     2.Safety net

     3.Vibration Sieve

     4.Hopper cover

     5.Dust cover

     6.Blender for anti-bridge

This machine has such features:

    1.Humanization design, easy dismantle, separate product contact parts for cleaning without tools, no uncovered corners, particularly suitable for food packing industry. It takes one person one minute to complete the entire dismantlement process. It saves time and energy, safe and efficient.

    2.Hopper with arch breaker device to help you to solve brideg issue.

    3.This model offers both standard and customized maching of your choice.

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