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DCCZ roasting machine

Our DCCZ roasting machine is used to roast all kinds of dry grains, nuts, spice, herbs and other materials automatically. It adopts unique horizontal roller structure, uniform heating, good sealing to effectively roast food.

Working method:

Electromagnetic heating is also called electromagnetic induction heating. The principle is that an alternating magnetic field is generated by the components of the electronic circuit board. When a ferrous container is placed on it, the alternating magnetic field lines are cut on the surface of the container to generate an alternating current at the metal part of the bottom of the container That is, eddy current), the eddy current causes the carriers at the bottom of the container to move at high speed and irregularly, and the carriers and atoms collide and rub against each other to generate thermal energy. So as to heat the materials. Because the iron container is self-heating, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 95%. The electromagnetic oven, electromagnetic stove, electromagnetic heating rice cooker and electromagnetic roasting machine all use electromagnetic heating technology.

Model Capacity(kg/h) Motor(kw) Matching power(kw) Overall size(L*W*H)(mm) Pot size(mm)
DCCZ 5-5 10-30 1.5-7.5 0.25 930*660*1270 500*500
DCCZ 5-10 30-60 3-15 0.4 1580*750*1330 500*1000
DCCZ 7-10 50-250 4-32 1.1 1650*950*1520 700*1000
DCCZ 7-15 100-350 6-48 1.5 2000*950*1520 700*1500
DCCZ 9-16 150-300 7-55 3 2000*1190*1650 900*1600

It uses the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to make the inner pot body heat directly to achieve the purpose of frying the materials. 

The electromagnetic roasting machine is safe and reliable, has no pollution to the environment, has strong controllability and high thermal efficiency. 

It is a roasting machine with strong stability and environmental protection and electricity saving.

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