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Polypropylene powder

Product Introduction:

PP micro powder,Polypropylene powder

Polypropylene,PP is a kind of semi crystalline thermoplastic.

It has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to a variety of organic solvents and acid-base corrosion. Molecular formula:(C3H6)n,  

molecular weight:(42.0804 )n

melting point :164~170℃

density: 0.92g/m³

There is almost no residue in high temperature calcination

Polypropylene powder has the advantages of being able to bond all kinds of organic and inorganic materials, and has good adhesion to inorganic materials such as graphite, ceramics and glass.

Our company obtains 10um ~ 150um powder by our cryogenic milling method,there are almost no powders with particle size less than 200 um. 
It is mainly used for bonding materials before forming.

30um PP micro powder & graphite powder blending molding

Small molecular weight pp(n≤1000)micro powder,powder partice size: 20um~40um

Molding of 30um PP micro powder & ceramic powder by blending and pressing

Powder blending, low temperature molding, high temperature wax discharge molding


PP powder acts as a lubricant for blending modification of other materials.

It can realize fast, continuous & efficient production process.

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