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BS roller crusher

BS roller crusher is specially designed for the materials that contain much oil content, such as sesame, peanut and almond... etc. It can grind such materials at normal temperature. It is widely application for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry...etc


BS roller crusher is well designed and developed by our company, it is filled a gap in the oil mill, which had reached the international advanced level.

Technical date of BS roller crusher:

 Model BS-150 BS-250
 Capacity(kg/h) 50-200 100-400
 Grinding fineness(mesh) 10-60 10-60
 Pressure roller diameter(Φ) 150 150
 Motor(kw) 3 5.5
 Weight(kg) 350 580
 Overall size(L*W*H)(mm) 780*670*1600 920*720*1750
 Material Stainless steel 304
BS roller crusher has the advantages of convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, high output, no pollution, and significantly reduced the labor intensity of the operator. It is the best equipment for crushing oily materials.

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